Are you a community member looking to inspire those in your workplace, sorority, organization or club? Workshops and seminars are a great way to engage your team, while empowering them to become the best version of themselves!

  • Meal Prepping: Tips & Tricks for meal prep, navigating the grocery store, and making meal prep efficient (bulk cooking, easy to follow recipes).
  • Health & Fitness 101: When you are healthy, you're more energized, productive, confident, and your performance often improves. This is a brief overview of nutrition and fitness – how to make it do-able for your everyday life. We will teach you how to incorporate healthier nutrition decisions in your every day life, how to pack nutritious meals on-the-go, make more conscious decisions while dining out, and how to maintain an efficient workout routine. Being healthy doesn't have to be an everyday struggle. 
  • Intro to Clean Eating & Nutrition: New to healthy eating and wondering where in the world to start? We start from the basics, review how to structure your meals to optimize your performance and well-being, how to grocery shop efficiently & effectively, and how to make eating healthy delicious without spending hours in the kitchen! You don't have to be a scientist or a chef to make healthier and more nutritious decisions!  
  • Workout Smarter Not Harder: We will cover how to fit working out into your chaotic schedule, at-home/dorm exercises, minimal equipment routines, and gym routines that are more effective but take less time. We will provide workout demonstrations, a workout guide, and a workout for you.
  • Personal Empowerment & Finding Peace in Your Skin: Most women don't live in their bodies peacefully, which means they're not living up to their full, powerful potential. Once you begin to change your negative self talk into self love, you will discover that you are capable of so much more than you ever believed. Discovering what your best body looks and feels like begins on the inside. This is a fun, interactive workshop where it's ok to be totally honest with yourself. 

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