What is True Revolution Fitness?

True Revolution Fitness was created as a result of our passion to help women feel beautiful in their own bodies! We believe that every single woman deserves to feel confident, bold and unstoppable.

We can get so caught up in what the media says we should LOOK like and how people say we should dress, walk, and talk...so much that we become our own worst critic instead of our biggest fan.

Carmen and Christina went to school and pursued several job opportunities where they were judged based on their outward appearance. One of Carmen's biggest dreams was to become a high fashion model, but she was constantly torn apart – head to toe – by the designers, coaches, and media professionals. After being told she wasn't “enough” for years, Carmen left modeling and came back stronger and more confident than ever. Now she is passionate about teaching women to love every inch of their bodies.

 Christina is a personal trainer and health professional by trade, but her personal desire to promote self love came from her insider experiences in the fitness industry. Fitness is a hot trend right now, which is awesome, right? Everyone's improving their health? Well, Christina feels that the ways people are marketing fitness may actually be causing a rise in self-hate and body image issues. Instead of noticing how energized, strong, and empowered we feel when we exercise, many people are focusing on if their waists are small or their bodies are tight enough.

We have been where you are and we know the hurdles you must overcome before you can truly make a mind-body transformation happen.

It is our sincere mission to help coach you every step of the way, so you too, can feel confident to conquer!

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