"We did it ladies!! Let's continue doing it and feeling great!! Thank you so much Christina and Carmen! You ladies are awesome and definitely inspire me and helped me so much!!"

- Nereida

"Very proud of myself, I still have not weighed myself! I feel smaller in my clothes, I usually wear a 3xl shirt for work now I have to tuck it in and I felt amazing! Even after the challenge, I will continue the program. I will be a size 10 for my wedding!!!! Thanks Christina and Carmen! You have truly changed my life!!"

- Juana

"I am doing fabulous, feeling great, happy, healthy, strong, and very important I love my body more than ever thanks to you, Christina and Carmen!"

- Afni

"I'm so thankful for this program! I couldn't have done it without all this awesome support and help!! I learned dedication, how to love my own body, be proud of who I am, and learned so many ways to be fit and healthy! Thank you Carmen and Christina!"

- Nikki

"I am down 24.25 inches! I feel so much better about myself and can't say enough about how great Christina and Carmen are! I also want to thank all the great, awesome, and amazing woman that I get to workout with and push me!"

-Shelly D.


- Abbey


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