Glutes Workout for the Gym

Here is a great workout routine you can do if you want to work on those glutes!

It is time to go hard!

Give this one a go and see how you like it! Feel the burn!

Sumo Deadlift x20

Goblet Squat x20

Burpee + double jump squat x10

x 4 sets

Leg Press Wide x 20

Jump Squats x 30

x 3 sets

Hamstring Curls x20 full, 20 ½ up

Alternating Jump Lunges x30

x 3 sets

Glute Kickback Machine x 20 / leg

Walking Lunges + kickback x40 steps

Step Up + kick back x20 / leg

Step Up + reverse lunge x20 / leg

Lateral Step Up + Knee Drive x20 / leg

x 2 sets

….And done! Phew!

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